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Play Stark Raving Ted
Stark Raving Ted
Stark raving Ted is a survivor in a community infested by zombies... zombies with...
Play Pro Sniper
Pro Sniper
After heeding the call to play the good guy, you venture into the world of crime to...
Play Ultimate Assassin 2
Ultimate Assassin 2
Not quite a sniper game but assassins and snipers always get on. Complete lots of...
Play Sift Heads World Act 3
Sift Heads World Act 3
Find and eliminate Alonzo one more time and this time, the team needs to finally end...
Play Hitstick 4
Hitstick 4
The international assassin is back in game 4 of the Hitstick series. Complete clever...
Play Sift Renegade
Sift Renegade
A member of the Yakuza clan is out for revenge - he wants to use his lethal Katana...
Play Sift Renegade 2
Sift Renegade 2
Kiro the ninja assassin is back in this all new action packed game. He is being...
Play Fulltime Killer
Fulltime Killer
Play a professional killer up for hire for the nastiest killing job on earth.
Play Hitstick 5
Hitstick 5
Game 5 in the Hitstick series! This time you must work like an Assassin - stealth is...
Play Sift Heads World Act 7 The Ultimatum
Sift Heads World Act 7 The Ultimatum
The gang is back and this time, they face their ultimate enemies, Yuuma and Alonzo...
Play Deadly Venom
Deadly Venom
Move over Lara Croft, Deadly Venom is here and she can even kill with her bare hands...
Play Sift Heads World Act 2
Sift Heads World Act 2
Join the Kiro, Shorty and Vinnie as they travel to Tokyo, Japan on a mission to...
Play Deadly Venom 3
Deadly Venom 3
The saga of Deadly Venom continues and now comes with a more advanced game play and...
Play Stickshot
You are an assassin on your last big hit. This time, you gotta take down the big...
Play Hitstick 6
Hitstick 6
Become a professional killer and utilize clever disguises and custom weapons to...
Play Ammo Ambush 2
Ammo Ambush 2
Infiltrate the enemy base using only your trusty sniper rifle. Be careful, it could...
Play Assassin Jane Doe
Assassin Jane Doe
Follow mission instructions and eliminate the guy on the picture.
Play Stoneage Assassin
Stoneage Assassin
Go back to the stone age as a father who is out to get revenge in true sniper style....
Play Professional Assassin
Professional Assassin
Hone your shooting accuracy and gain as much point as you can by hitting moving...
Play Arsenal
You are a professional hit man tasked to execute your targets with precision. This...
Play 3D Tanks
3D Tanks
Eliminate tanks out to destroy the defenses of our base. Do not harm medic trucks...
Play Triggerman
Infiltrate the Mafia to solve one of the largest crime scandals in history. Whatever...
Play Mort the Sniper 2
Mort the Sniper 2
Retrieve kidnapped loved ones with your sniper skills. Make sure they survive...
Play Perfect Shot Sniper Game
Perfect Shot Sniper Game
Shoot wit accuracy in Perfect Shot Sniper Game. Take out targets without getting...
Play Stoneage Assassin Revenge
Stoneage Assassin Revenge
You have to take your assassin skills to the next level as you take out specific...
Play Stoneage Assassin 2
Stoneage Assassin 2
Your unknown source is back and requires only your special skills to take out...
Play Santa Sniper
Santa Sniper
Santa takes on the naughty before he rewards the nice.
Play Sniper Swat
Sniper Swat
Sniper swat is formed to kill the terrorist. Find the targets and kill them.
Play Free Sniper
Free Sniper
Shoot anyone you want! is the home of Sniper Games.

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Tuesday 16th of July 2019
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