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Play Weapon
This game is packed with a wide range of weapons and weapon attachments! Fans of...
Play Snipedown
A defend your base game with a sniper perspective. Use long range shots, artillery...
Play Desert Rifle 2
Desert Rifle 2
Protect yourself from waves of attack in this first person shooter. You are stuck in...
Play Sharp Trigger 2
Sharp Trigger 2
Save Sergeant Biggs and sta alive to complete the mission in Sharp Trigger 2.
Play Palisade Guardian 2
Palisade Guardian 2
In this sequel of the famous Palisade Guardian game, we take you to the arena of...
Play Soldiers
Strategically accomplish each given mission in this action packed strategy game...
Play Sift Heads World 1
Sift Heads World 1
The Sift Heads have teamed up and entered a bigger and better world. Play as either...
Play Bloody Day Part 1
Bloody Day Part 1
Use a variety of guns to shoot the all the stick men that comes your way.
Play Sharp Trigger
Sharp Trigger
You are being dropped in the middle of an intense warzone - only your sharp...
Play Sift Heads World Act 5 An Exotic Job
Sift Heads World Act 5 An Exotic Job
The gang, Shorty, Vinnie and Kiro,were caught in the middle of the Amazon rain...
Play Marksmen
In the military Marksmen are soldiers that are trained for and sent on missions to...
Play Bullet 2
Bullet 2
We featured the first Bullet game a few months ago and it was an instant hit. Bullet...
Play Mr Vengeance Act 2
Mr Vengeance Act 2
The second act of Mr. Vengeance is packed with better graphics and a story line that...
Play I Survive
I Survive
It is an ambush! You are surrounded by fully armed stick men out to get you in the...
Play Bush Shoe Sniper
Bush Shoe Sniper
The rules are simple. You are given a hundred shoes to throw at President Bush.Try...
Play Sift Heads Assault 2
Sift Heads Assault 2
Building from the success of the first Sift Heads Assault game, this new update is...
Play Desert Rifle
Desert Rifle
Defend your barracks and your life from attacking desert soldiers in this...
Play Sift Heads Assault
Sift Heads Assault
A game of survival is what this spin-off of the popular Sift Heads World series....
Play Fortress Guardian
Fortress Guardian
Protect your people from incoming monster clan out to destroy your city.
Play Cloud to Ground Guardian
Cloud to Ground Guardian
Safeguard all the soldiers on the ground from opposing forces from the skies as they...
Play Effin Terrorists 2
Effin Terrorists 2
Take down as many terrorists as you can per given level
Play Mr Vengeance Act 1
Mr Vengeance Act 1
His life was taken away from him, now he is fueled by one thing... VENGEANCE!
Play Ectology
A mixture of action shooter and scary games genre, Ectology takes us to the world of...
Play Palisade Guardian
Palisade Guardian
The Nazis are coming and your barracks may not stand the strength of their army....
Play P A R G
PARG or Post-Apocalyptic Robot Game takes you to the future where you need to defend...
Play Leading Edge
Leading Edge
It is one lone stickman against hundreds of other stickmen in this fun and unique...
Play 2112 Cooperation
2112 Cooperation
A shooting game that allows you to play with a friend on the same computer. As the...
Play Hellvolution
Try and survive a hellish combination of mutant zombies, low lighting and a weapon...
Play The Shoot Out
The Shoot Out
Your a member of a very elite counter terrorist unit, it is up to you to put and end...
Play The Professionals 2
The Professionals 2
Avenge the death of your brother by infiltrating the hideout of your enemy.You will...
Play Dark Soul
Dark Soul
Shoot dark souls till you reach the red door.
Play Boxhead The Zombie Wars
Boxhead The Zombie Wars
Boxhead is back with this epic zombie survival game where you have to literally...
Play Carveola Files
Carveola Files
Carveola Files takes you back to Carveola, a protected sanctuary for survivors of...
Play Sniper Tower
Sniper Tower
Kill all incoming enemy soldiers from your Sniper Tower.
Play Bottle Sniper
Bottle Sniper
Let us try out how good your reaction speed is. Try to shoot as much bottles as you...
Play The Sniper by Norton3000
The Sniper by Norton3000
Hit your targets before you run out of time.
Play Dawn of the Sniper Ninja
Dawn of the Sniper Ninja
I is the dawn of the Sniper Ninja who must protect the kingdom by killing all enemy...
Play Police Sniper 1
Police Sniper 1
Get the chance to be a police sniper and eliminate hostage takes. Careful not to...
Play City Siege Sniper
City Siege Sniper
Save Snafu Island from baddies by taking them one one by one and saving their...
Play Speed Sniper
Speed Sniper
Play speed sniper and shoot all targets within the allotted time. Your view is...
Play Dead Vault
Dead Vault
Escape the dead vault. Shoot and kill zombies before the two characters die. is the home of Sniper Games.

Sniper Games
Tuesday 16th of July 2019
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